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Dental and Oral Health

Dental health covers the overall health conditions of mouth. It deals with the diseases and mouth conditions like teeth, gums, pulp, and dental tissue, cavities. It also extends to the temporomandibular joint, muscles, nervous and vascular and anatomy structures.

Oral health is attained when the teeth and oral environment is not only healthy but also cosy and functional, that is food can be chewed thoroughly and without pain or discomposure and the teeth are not sensitive to different stimuli for instance cold.

Factor affecting dental and oral health:

Cavities which is also called as caries or tooth decay

Periodontitis and sensitive teeth, cracked teeth

Example, tobacco smoking is one of the most risk factor for oral cancer and gum disease.

Consumption of alcohol combined with smoking is also one of the major risk factor for the oral cancer

Poor nutrition is a common factor for oral diseases.