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Introduction: Welcome to the Scinexis Journal of Science and Technology Research, where we explore the frontiers of human knowledge, innovation, and discovery. In an era of rapid technological advancement, the importance of fostering research and understanding in the fields of science and technology cannot be overstated. Our journal serves as a platform for scientists, researchers, engineers, and visionaries to contribute to the global discourse on the profound impact these fields have on our lives and the future of humanity.

About the Journal:

The Scinexis Journal of Science and Technology Research (SJSTR) is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary publication dedicated to the dissemination of pioneering research and insights in science and technology. We are committed to advancing the boundaries of knowledge by providing a reputable and rigorous platform for scholars, researchers, and professionals to share their original research, reviews, case studies, and viewpoints. Our journal is founded on the principles of academic excellence, innovation, and the aspiration to empower readers with the latest developments in these crucial domains.

Scope: Our journal encompasses a wide range of topics and areas within the vast landscape of science and technology, including, but not limited to:

Physical Sciences: Cutting-edge discoveries in physics, chemistry, and astronomy that shape our understanding of the universe.

Life Sciences: Research in biology, genetics, biotechnology, and environmental sciences, addressing issues from health to biodiversity.

Engineering: Innovations in various engineering disciplines, from civil and mechanical engineering to electrical and software engineering.

Information Technology: Advances in computer science, artificial intelligence, software development, and cyber-security.

Environmental Studies: Research on climate change, renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable development.

Healthcare and Medicine: Breakthroughs in medical research, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare technology.

Emerging Technologies: Exploration of new and transformative technologies, such as nanotechnology, robotics, and quantum computing.


Target Sectors:

The Scinexis Journal of Science and Technology Research (SJSTR) caters to a diverse audience, including:

Academia: Researchers, scholars, and students who seek in-depth knowledge and references to fuel their academic pursuits.

Industry: Professionals in various sectors, such as technology, manufacturing, and engineering, who look for cutting-edge insights and innovative solutions.

Government and Policy: Policymakers and regulators aiming to make informed decisions related to technology governance, environmental regulations, and more.

Healthcare and Medical Professionals: Medical practitioners, researchers, and healthcare technologists interested in the latest developments in their field.

Environmental and Energy Sectors: Professionals involved in renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable practices.

Information Technology and Cyber-security: Specialists in software development, data science, and cyber-security.

General Public: Enthusiasts and the curious public who wish to understand the profound impact of science and technology on society and the world at large.

Primary Mission:

The mission of the Science and Technology Research Journal is to be a vanguard of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration. We are committed to:

  • Promoting and facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration among scholars and experts in science and technology.
  • Advancing research, understanding, and the practical application of scientific and technological breakthroughs.
  • Contributing to the betterment of society through the dissemination of research and insights in these critical fields.
  • Fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence in the minds of our readers.

Through these missions, we aim to be at the forefront of the dynamic world of science and technology, catalyzing progress, and nurturing the intellectual growth of our global community.

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Scinexis Journal of Science and Technology Research (SJSTR) provides publication of articles in all areas of healthcare and research.

Frequency: Quarterly/Half yearly
Language: English

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