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Nano and Micro Robots

Nanorobotics is the expertise where machine and robot are created which size close to the microscopic scale of a nanometre. Nanorobotics is largely used in the scientific research field. Nanorobots would be necessary for very large numbers of them to work together to perform microscopic and macroscopic tasks. There is a different type of application areas such as medicine and space technology where Nanorobots can be used for improving those sections.

Microrobtics is a technological field where the characteristic dimension is less than 1mm. Micro robotics deal with the study and application of miniature ones like mobile robots of micrometre scale. Microrobots can use lightweight battery. Due to their small size, Microrobots are potentially very cheap and can be used in large number.

Other robots like:

  • swarm robotics
  • Bio Robotics and Bio chips
  • Molecular Robots